Dirty Pick Up Lines

Stoner Pick Up Lines

Stoner Pick Up Lines

Are you wanting to be staggered, Pickuplineshq brings for you the best stoner pick up lines interestingly on the Internet. Appreciate!

The Greatest Stoner Pick Up Lines

Hello Baby ! You’re smokin !

Hello ! We should make like limit and roll.

Need to get hack ee wirh me?

What sort of processor would you say you are utilizing? Couse you’re additional fine!

You Wanna hit this ?

I don’t require a lighter, you’re as of now ablaze!

Do you smoke pot? Cause weed look great together!

You should be as dope as weed…

Cause Right now you’re all I require.

Is it accurate to say that you are a medication? Cause I pot take you home today evening time.

I saw you from over the room and trought…

hello young lady wud you ever consider a 3-way, you me n mary jane.

Im high off life in the most ideal way.

Any man who knows a thing, knows he knows not a damn thing by any stretch of the imagination.

Why dont me and you go to your place and get stoned, possibly nestle and make a little whoopie.

hello gives make a chance to like a gruff and roll.

You’re ablaze! Goodness, no, that is only my obtuse…

took me like 8 times understanding it to get this

ive got 2 tickets, lets get a flight and see where we arrive.

Hello child, your smokin. On the other hand will be *uses one figure to bring over in a tempting way* * perhaps includes a lil joint motion*

You need to hit “this” offering the joint yet indicating at myself with the other hand.

My amigos and I say … “wanna get abnormal after this?

wanna get uplifted?

Pardon me ma’am would you say you are a joint? Since you’re smokin!

Sick let u hit dis in the event that i can tap dat.

I would chuckle at you. At that point say, “its alright, I’m high as well.

Hello child, similar to weed and dick?

Damn! shes lookin additional tight.

Young lady, I don’t require a lighter cause you’re as of now ablaze!

better call life ready, cause Ive succumbed to you and cant get up.

Moderate down, sugar, since I’m a diabetic!

I don’t have the foggiest idea about the name of your to start with, however I’m going to be your last.

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