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Doctor Who Pick Up Lines

Doctor Who Pick Up Lines

If you want to woo someone then those doctor who pick up lines are just for you. Use those adorable pick up lines to turn your companion into a lover.

Doctor Who Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys And Girls

“May I take your coat?”
“Not wearing a coat.”
“At that point what’s all that?”
“Possibly I take your garments?”

“As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves.”

“Wonder what I’d be, without you.”

“Are you a weeping angel? Because i could stare at you forever.”

“Life is short, and you are hot.”

“I always like to do the unexpected, it takes people by surprise.”

“Gurlllll, I’ll be your time lord if you be my TARDIS.”

“Because life is short and you are hot. So let’s go out for some texting and scones, maybe?”

“Do you wanna come with me? ‘Cause if you do then I should warn you, you’re gonna see all sorts of things.”

“Hey good lookin’, wanna swap some bio data?”

“Are you the Tardis? Cause I bet you’re bigger on the inside.”

“You and me should get a drink sometime…..and married”

“Be my companion” and “I am yours, as you are mine.”

“No. Impossible. I’m fully booked for the next two centuries.”

“You’re a classic example of the inverse relationship between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain.”

“Wanna ride in my Time Machine? It runs on Doritos!”

“This is a situation that requires tact and finesse. Fortunately, I am blessed with both.”

“You have the most totally closed mind that I’ve ever encountered.”

“You’re a beautiful woman, probably.”

“I want to doo-wee-doo you.”

“Are you a Tardis? Cause when I look into your eyes I feel like I’m flying around the universe.”

We hope you enjoyed the massive amount of doctor who pick up lines. Learn those corniest pick up lines to say to your future wife.

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