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How I Met Your Mother Pick Up Lines by Barney

barney stinson how i met your mother

Barney Stinson is the top womanizer in the TV hit demonstrate How I Met Your Mother. Underneath we have ordered the greater part of the best pick up lines cited Barney Stinson from the TV series. They are gooey and entertaining, and perhaps they may very well work for you. Exploit these pick up lines out to help you get lady simply like Barney did on the show.

Barney Stinson How I Met Your Mother

A week? That resembles a year in hot young lady time.

Are your jeans made out of a pack of small pictures, since I can see myself in them.

Barney alllllwaaaysss gets the yes!

Barney is single… it’s what America has been clamoring for!

Trust it or not, I wasn’t generally as marvelous as I am today.

Daddy’s home!

Duck, duck, net

Buddy, loads of chicks believe that designers are hot. Consider that, you make something out of nothing. You’re similar to God. There is nobody more sizzling than God.

Young lady, you must be drained in light of the fact that you have been going through my head ALL DAY.

God, it’s me, Barney. What’s up? I know we don’t talk much, yet I know a considerable measure of young ladies get out your name as a result of me.

Going to bed? Mind on the off chance that I slytherin?

Hagrid’s by all account not the only mammoth on grounds, if you catch my drift.

Have you been utilizing the petrificus totalus spell? Since you’ve made me firm.

Have you known about stage 9 and ¾? All things considered, I can consider something else with precisely the same…

Have you met [name]?

Hello Ladies. Call Barney Stinson. 1-917-555-0199


I have a feeling that I’ve done as such much good I have a “spirit oopsy-daisy”

I know we’re not in teacher Flitwick’s class, but rather regardless you are enchanting.

I probably had some felix felicis. Since I believe I’m going to get fortunate.

I physically can’t take terrible pictures. I don’t know why. Simply ask god.

I’d jump at the chance to plant you and grow an entire field of yall.

I’m Barney, I don’t get stricken. I destroy.

I’m sad it’s taken me this long to make sense of it, however I guarantee I’m done making a foold of myself.

I’ve done as such much good today, I have like a spirit faux pas

On the off chance that you were a dementor, I’d turned into a criminal just to get your kiss.

It’s going to be legend-… sit tight for it… (what’s more, I trust you’re not lactose bigoted in light of the fact that the second 50% of that word is) DAIRY!

It’s going to be legend… sit tight for it… and I trust you’re not lactose prejudiced in light of the fact that the second 50% of that word is DAIRY

Legen…wait for it…

My name may not be luna, but rather I beyond any doubt know how to lovegood!

Affirm, liveliness talk! You can do this, however to be more exact, you likely can’t. You’re way not representing the cause very well and she’s far excessively hot for you. Along these lines, recollect, it’s not about scoring. It’s about trusting you can do it, despite the fact that you most likely can’t. Go get them, tiger!

Open your cerebrum tank, brother, ’cause here comes some premium 91-octane learning. There’s three standards of tricking: 1. It’s not swindling in case you’re not the person who’s hitched. 2. It’s not tricking if her name has two neighboring vowels. 3. Also, it’s not tricking if she’s from an alternate range code. You’re fine on each of the three numbers.

POOF! I’m here, where are your other two wishes?

Keep in mind, it’s not about scoring. It’s about trusting you can do it, despite the fact that you presumably can’t.

Suit up!

That was the night I was conceived. I climbed like a phoenix from her mentholated chest and walked into the world, Armani-clad and completely magnificent.

The main motivation to sit tight a month for sex is if she’s 17 years, 11 months old.

There are just two motivations to date a young lady you’ve effectively dated: bosom inserts.

There are such a large number of things to do with the human mouth. Why squander it on talking?

There is no opportunity to clarify how I got bit there, I simply require somebody to suck the toxic substance out.

Consider me like yoda, however as opposed to being pretty much nothing and green, I wear suits and I’m magnificent. I’m your brother I’m Broda!

This.. what you’re doing here – is giving me a de-rection

To succeed you need to quit being normal and be legen – sit tight for it – dary!

Whaddya say you and me go search for the room of prerequisite?

What do I accomplish as a profession? ….Please

What do you say we go out to supper, have some chicken… maye some sex?

When I get miserable, I quit being dismal.. also, I be amazing. Genuine Story.

When I let a day pass by without conversing with you, that day’s simply no great.

With extraordinary penis comes incredible duty

You resemble a container of skele-gro: you’re developing me a bone.

You know what I adore about Halloween? It’s the one night of the year chicks use to unleash their inward ho-sack.

You’re the smaller than normal cherry on top of the general cherry on top of the sundae of greatness that is my life.

Your body is a wonderland and I need to be Alice.

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