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Howard Wolowitz Big Bang Theory Pick Up Lines

howard wolowitz big bang theory pick up lines

Feeling quirky? Here is our rundown of Howard Wolowitz Big Bang Theory Pick Up Lines. These pick up lines are geeky, gooey, and clever, and as a general rule they won’t work (Unless the young lady that you are intrigued is truly into science). Appreciate and have a fabulous time!

Howard Wolowitz Big Bang Theory Pick Up Lines

Wanna see my Hard Drive? I guarantee it’s not little or floppy.

760 degrees celsius. The rough temperature of the young woman in the front column.

Is it true that you are a 90 degree angele? Since you looking right.

Is it true that you are exothermic response? Since you’re making me hot.

Is it true that you are Full of Beryllium, Gold and Titanium? Since you are BE-AU-TI-FULL!

Are you under 90 degrees, since you’re intense young lady.

Is it accurate to say that you are the square base of – 1? Since you can’t be genuine.

Infant you should be made of mica shake, since you have a flawless cleavage.

Infant you transform my floppy circle into a hard drive.

Infant, would you say you are a motherboard? Cause I’d “Slam” all of you night long.

Child, you should be a neuron, since you are very brave potentional.

Could I be your protein? Since my dynamic site is passing on for a synthetic response.

Returned to my lab and I’ll demonstrate to you that the Big Bang isn’t only a hypothesis.

Do you like bikes? ‘Cause I ride a hoard.

Does your v-card have a code? Since I will hack it.

Young lady, your name must be phylum, since you are above class.

Bunch embrace!

Haven’t you ever been told how excellent you are in perfect Russian?

Hi, I’m Sanjay Wolowitz from Bombay.

Hello young lady, would you say you are made of copper and tellurium? Since you are CuTe.

Hello young lady, do you cherish water? That implies you adore 80% of me.

Hello young lady, I want to be SIN^2 and you were COS^2, so together we would be 1.

I want to be adenine, so I could get combined with U.

I want to be DNA helicase that way I could unfasten your qualities.

I want to be your subsidiary, so I could like digression to your bends.

I want to be your differential condition homework, since then I’d be truly hard and you’d be doing me around your work area.

I want to be your homework, since I would be hard and you would do me constantly.

I’m similar to PI child. I’m truly long, and I go on for eternity.

I’m certain Max Planck would support of your hot body.

On the off chance that I could make any compound, I’d make Uranium Iodide, so I could assemble U and I.

On the off chance that I was an endoplasmic reticulum, how might you need me – unpleasant or smooth?

On the off chance that I was a working framework, your procedure would be realtime need.

On the off chance that I were a catalyst, I’d be DNA helicase so I could unfasten your qualities.

Is your name Wi-Fi? Since I’m feeling an association.

It’s a major ordeal. There’s a honors feast and a move a while later. Maybe you’d get a kick out of the chance to accompany me? I know alternate fellas would be truly eager to see a young lady there.

it’s not the length of the vector that matters, it’s the way you apply the drive.

My hypothalamus must discharge serotonin since I need you!

No one ever expects me. Now and then you simply look and BAM!

On a scale from 0001 to 1010, you’re a 1011

On a size of North Korea to America, how free would you say you are today evening time?

Tell the square foundation of negative one to different without anyone else, on the grounds that crap just got genuine.

The universe must rotate around you, in light of the fact that your gavitational strengths are slamming.

There is no reserve, how about we simply go straight to the hard drive.

All things considered, on the off chance that you like space stuff, I outline segments for the International Space Station. Which is in space. Where, I’m certain you know, nobody can hear you shout.

What do you say we do a reversal to my room and do some math? Include a bed, subtract our garments, separate your legs, and duplicate.

At whatever point I’m close you, I experience anaerobic breath, since you blow my mind.

Why don’t we backpedal to my place so I can demonstrate to you the exponential development of my normal log?

Better believe it, well my kin designed circumcision. The pleasure is all mine.

You give me epsilon, I’ll give you Delta. Together we can discover limits.

You have 206 bones in your body, wanna have 207?

You should be square foundation of 2, since I feel silly around you.

You should be the square foundation of – 1, since you can’t be genuine.

You should be the square foundation of two, since I feel nonsensical around you.

You transform my product into equipment.

You’re a photograph quanta to my valence electron – you energize me to another level.

You’re more smoking than a bunsen burner set to full power.

You’re so hot you denature my proteins.

Your bosons – they give me a hadron.

Your mouth says, “shields up!” But your eyes say, “a structure break is approaching.”

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