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James Bond and Spy Pick Up Lines

james bond and spy pick up lines

Need to appeal ladies like James bond the 007 Spy? We have arranged a rundown of clever and mushy conversation starters motivated by the well known James bond arrangement. Some of these pick up lines were enlivened, some of them are from the motion pictures. Appreciate and trust these conversation starters can work for you!

James Bond and Spy Pick Up Lines

A martini. Shaken, not mixed.

It is safe to say that you are doing anything on Saturday? Hold up, I simply checked- – you’re most certainly not.

It is safe to say that you are the CIA? Since I don’t think the president gave you consent to torment me with those great looks.

It is safe to say that you are drained? Since you’ve been going through my talk log surveys throughout the day.

Child your Verizon line ain’t the main thing I’m tryna tap

Bond: “That weapon, it searches all the more fitting for a lady.”

Largo: “You know much about weapons, Mr. Bond?”

Bond: “No, yet I know somewhat about ladies.”

Bond… James Bond.

Would you be able to help me locate my stationary?

Della Leiter: “Goodness, James, would you mind? Felix is still in the review and we must cut this cake.”

James Bond: “I’ll do anything for a lady with a blade.”

Do you have faith in all consuming, instant adoration, or did I misjudge your pursuit history?

Domino: “How would you know my companions call me Domino?”

James Bond: “It’s on the arm jewelery on your lower leg.”

Domino: “So . . . what sharp little eyes you have.”

James Bond: “Hold up till you get to my teeth.”

Eve: “That was not really my absolute best.”

James Bond: “I’m not certain I could survive your best.”

Eve: “I question you’ll find the opportunity.”

Favor a shag? My other auto is an Aston Martin. I have a tremendous apendege.

Female Receptionist: Could I intrigue you in something?

James Bond: I’m enticed to state yes promptly yet I think I’d possibly observe around.

Young lady, you more likely than not tumbled from paradise on the grounds that there is no following information to demonstrate how you touched base at this area.

Great day dear, how might you liek to bond?

Helga Brandt: “I have you now.”

James Bond: “Well, live it up.”

Hi. Yes, I’m British.

Nectar Ryder: Looking for shells?

James Bond: No. I’m simply looking.

Inn Receptionist: “I have a message for you.”

James Bond: “I think you just conveyed it.”

How would you kill 5 hours in Rio, on the off chance that you don’t samba?

I really wanted to hear your telephone discussion with your sister yesterday and I want to be that sort of man for you!

I sense that I’ve known you since you got that cellphone for your fifteenth birthday.

I knew you’d be here.

I know precisely where you have been all my life.

I know precisely where you have been all my life.

I should finish the mission, however to start with, sex.

I think he got the point.

I will ALWAYS have my eyes on you, darling…! My affection for you is unlawful.

I will watch out for your grin, and off your superbly framed arse!

I’d tap that.

I’m unbelievably rich. Here’s another iPhone 5 with my number in it. Call me at some point.

In the event that I was James Bond’s martini, how might you need me? Shaken or mixed?

James Bond: [James is sleeping with a Ling, a Chinese woman] Why do Chinese young ladies taste unique in relation to every single other young lady?

Ling: You think we better, huh?

James Bond: No, simply unique. Like Peking Duck is unique in relation to Russian Caviar. In any case, I adore them both.

Ling: Darling, I give you absolute best duck.

James Bond: “I endorse.”

Goodnight: “You do?”

James Bond: “Goodness, not the wine, your dress. Tight in all the correct spots, not very many catches.”

James Bond: “I tend to notice seemingly insignificant details like that — whether a young lady is a blonde or a brunette.”

Tiffany Case: “Which do you incline toward?”

James Bond: “Well, the length of the neckline and sleeves coordinate . . . ”

James Bond: “I think I’ll call it a Vesper.”

Vesper Lynd: “Due to the astringent delayed flavor impression?”

James Bond: “No, in light of the fact that once you’ve tasted it, that is all you need to drink.”

James Bond: “I wasn’t right about you.”

Dr. Christmas Jones: “No doubt, in what manner or capacity?”

James Bond: “I thought Christmas just comes once every year.”

James Bond: “I’ll let you know at supper.”

Jill Masterson: “Where?”

James Bond: “Goodness, I know the best place around the local area.”

James Bond: “regardless i’m not exactly beyond any doubt how great you are.”

Curse: “I am so great.”

James Bond: “Particularly when you’re awful.”

James Bond: “Well, my dear, I take it you invest a considerable amount of energy in the seat.”

Jenny Flex: “Yes, I adore an early morning ride.”

James Bond: “Well, I’m a morning person myself.”

James Bond: “Well, Tracy, next time avoid any risk and remain on five.”

Tracy: “Individuals who need to remain alive take no chances.”

James Bond: “It would be ideal if you remain alive! In any event for today evening time.”

James Bond: [After Dr. Holly Goodhead kisses him] “What was that for?”

Dr. Holly Goodhead: “For sparing my life.”

James Bond: “Remind me to do it all the more frequently!”

James Bond: [in bed with Christmas Jones] I wasn’t right about you.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah, in what way?

James Bond: I thought Christmas just comes once per year.

James Bond: [in the shower together] “I like you better without your Beretta.”

Sévérine: “I feel stripped without it.”

James Bond: I tend to notice seemingly insignificant details like that – whether a young lady is a blonde or a brunette…

Tiffany Case: And which do you incline toward?

James Bond: Well, the length of the collars and sleeves coordinate.

James Bond: Who are you?

Pussy Galore: My name is Pussy Galore.

James Bond: I should dream

James Bond: You don’t think I delighted in what we did tonight, isn’t that right? What I did today was for King and nation! You don’t think it gave me any joy, isn’t that right?

Fiona Volpe: But obviously, I overlooked your sense of self, Mr. Bond. James Bond, who just needs to have intercourse to a lady and she begins to hear superb choirs singing. She atones and promptly swings to the side of right and prudence, yet not this one. What a blow it more likely than not been, you having a disappointment.

James Bond: Well, you can’t win them all.

James Bond: You’re not my sort.

Young lady: Why, cause I have a large portion of a cerebrum?

James Bond: No, cause you’re single.

James Bond: “Now set your garments back on, and I’ll get you a frozen yogurt.”

James Bond:[in bed with his Scandinavian dialect tutor] I generally delighted in taking in another tongue.

Simply unwind while we unfasten your documents.

Simply unwind while we unfasten your documents.

Log lodge young lady: “Gracious James, I can’t discover the words.”

Bond: “Well, let me attempt and amplify your vocabulary.”

Major Anya Amasova: “That it’s imperative to have a positive mental disposition.”

James Bond: “Nothing more down to earth than that?”

Major Anya Amasova: “Sustenance is likewise essential.”

James Bond: “Mm gee. What else?”

Major Anya Amasova: “When important, shared substantial warmth.”

James Bond: “That is the part I like.”

Marie: “Is there something I can accomplish for you?”

James Bond: “Truly, there is. There’s something I’d like you to get off your mid-section.”

May Day, where have you been? I’ve been sitting tight for you . . . to deal with me, by and by.

Mayday: Someone will deal with you.

James Bond: Oh! You’ll see to that by and by, will you?

Miss Caruso: “Such a sensitive touch.”

Bond: “Sheer attraction, dear.”

Miss Taro: “What would it be a good idea for me to state to a welcome from a peculiar man of honor?”

James Bond: “You ought to state yes.”

Presently set your garments back on, and I’ll get you a frozen yogurt.

Presently set your garments back on, and I’ll get you a frozen yogurt.

Gracious, the things I accomplish for England.

Goodness, the things I accomplish for my nation!

Bounty O’Toole: “Hello there, I’m Plenty.”

James Bond: “Obviously you are.”

Roses are red, violets are blue, your stick number 6852.

Russian Lady Agent: “However James, I require you!”

Bond: “So does England!”

Saida: “Ah! I’ve lost my appeal!”

James Bond: “Not from where I’m standing.”

Stunning. Decidedly stunning.

Silva: “There’s a first time for everything — eh, Mr. Bond?”

James Bond: “What makes you believe it’s my first time?”

Sir Donald Munger: “Let me know, Commander, how far does your mastery stretch out into the field of jewels?”

James Bond: “Well, hardest substance found in nature, they cut glass, recommend relational unions, I assume it supplanted the canine as the young lady’s closest companion. That is about it.”

Solitaire: “Is there time before we leave for lesson number three?”

James Bond: “obviously. There’s no sense going out half-positioned.”

Solitaire: “James, what’s happening with you?”

James Bond: “Simply testing a familiar proverb: ‘Unfortunate at cards . . . ‘”

Strawberry Fields: “On the off chance that you endeavor to escape, I will capture you, drop you off at the prison, and take you to the plane in chains, get it?”

James Bond: “Impeccably. After you.”

Mathis: “I think she has cuffs.”

James Bond: “I trust so.”

Make a monster stride for humankind.

Tatiana Romanova: I think my mouth is too huge!

James Bond: It’s simply the correct size… for me, that is.

Let me know, Miss Trench, do you play whatever other diversions?

That is a significant pleasant small nothing you’re practically wearing. I endorse.

The CIA is attempting to take my penis… I have to discover a place to conceal it.

The names Will. God’s will.

At that point what about a nightcap on the organization? My organization.

Vesper Lynd: “I can’t avoid waking you. Each time I do, you take a gander at me as though you hadn’t seen me in years. Makes me feel renewed.”

James Bond: “On the off chance that you had quite recently been conceived, wouldn’t you be bare?”

Vesper Lynd: “If the main thing left of you was your grin and your little finger, despite everything you’d be even more a man than anybody I’ve ever known.”

James Bond: “That is on account of you realize what I can do with my little finger . . . ”

Wai-Lin: “They’re searching for us, James.”

James Bond: “We should remain under cover.”

We comprehend you such a great amount of superior to anything the person you’re with now.

Indeed, I’m perplexed you’ve gotten me with more than my hands up

What’s a pleasant young lady as you doing at the side of fifth and Guadalupe road at 8:37pm?

Whatever I am…Whatever is left of me, I’m yours.

When one is in Egypt, one ought to dive profoundly into its fortunes.

Would you…be keen on a night top

Xenia Onatopp: “You needn’t bother with the weapon, Commander.”

James Bond: “Well, that relies on upon your meaning of safe sex.”

You come here frequently.

You didn’t think I’d miss this execution, did you?

You don’t think I delighted in what we did tonight, isn’t that right? What I did today evening time was for Queen and nation!

You look path prettier face to face than through your webcam.

You’re a lady of many parts, Pussy!

You’re free Friday. Might you want to eat?

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