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Star Trek Pick Up Lines

star trek pick up lines

Cherish Star Trek? Then again your adored one or your individual of intrigue is a devotee of Star Trek? Utilize these geeky and science fiction pick up lines that are Star Trek themed to help you tease and include some fire and start into your adoration life! These Star Trek pick up lines are immaculate to demonstrate your Star Trek fellow or young lady the amount you adore them.

Star Trek Pick Up Lines

“Irregular warmth perusing off the starboard bow, setting a block course!”

“I’ll pursue you ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round Perdition’s flares before I surrender you!”

“Decent legs… for a human.”

“So Lieutenant. I should demonstrate the importance of Torpedo – full spread?”

Althought it is nonsensical, I am perplexed you have emotinally traded off me.

What’s more, you think my ears are huge… .

Child are your hailing frequencies open?

Child, you’re sufficiently hot to kick off a vulcan’s pon farr.

Bar me up, cutie!

Could I shaft you up shorty?

Could I take a ride on your warpcore?

Could I tribble you for some sweet kisses?

Could you feel the Pon Farr today evening time?

Dang… such a large number of torpedoes… so little time.

Did the earth move for you, or would we say we are perched on a Horta?

Would you like to go where no man has gone some time recently?

Disregard twist speed, how about we simply go on motivation..

Hi, I had sensors checking for provocative lifeforms and you where the just a single they could discover.

Hello child, wanna align my tricorder?

Hello child, wanna see my bat’leth?

Hello child! Somebody more likely than not shot you with a phaser set on “dazzling”.

Hello, it about time you docked that van!

Hello there I’m the Captain, how may I be of administration?

I should slip into something more agreeable.. like these star trek voyager night wear infant!

I am experiencing difficulty receiving my photon torpedo in return breech, would you be able to help?

I can’t help it — my eyes are caught in the gravitational field of your bosoms!

I wouldn’t see any problems with getting my hands on your adequate nacelles.

Will ask you out. Resistance is vain

I’m truly extraordinary with tongues.

I’m Wesley pulverizing on you

I’d get a kick out of the chance to clean your plasma channels.

I’d jump at the chance to fill your Jeffries tube.

I’ll demonstrate to you my docking sound on the off chance that you demonstrate to me your ship.

I have something significant in my torpedo tube.

Is that a phaser in your pocket, or would you say you are only upbeat to see me?

It’s Pon Farr. On the off chance that you don’t get back home with me today evening time, I’ll pass on. You don’t need that on your consciense, isn’t that right?

Klingon Pick Up Line: bIQamQo’chugh, chay’ qapummoHlaH? (In the event that you won’t stand up, how might I thump you down?)

Klingon Pick Up Line: che’ron ‘Gracious parmaq’e’ ‘ej DaHjaj SuvwI’ jIH! (Love is a front line, and today, I am a warrior!)

Klingon Pick Up Line: Daqtagh HInob! tIqwIj qa’angnIS! (Give me a d’k tahg! I should demonstrate to you my heart!)

Klingon Pick Up Line: may’luchwIjmo’ Qobbe’ tajmey ‘ach tIqwIj luDuQ mInDu’lIj! (My reinforcement shields me from blades, yet your eyes pierce my heart!)

Klingon Pick Up Line: pu’ tIHmey bach’a’ mInDu’lIj? vIleghDI’ jIroSHa’choH! (Do your eyes fire phaser shafts? When I see you I get dazed!)

Klingon Pick Up Line: pu’jIn vIpoQ. mInDu’lIj vIbejtaHvIS DaqwIj vIlIj! (I require a guide. I got lost while I was watching your eyes!)

Klingon Pick Up Line: tuj’a’ pa’vam? ghobe’. ‘IwwIj DapubmoHba’ SoH’e’! (Is it warm in here? No, it is unmistakably you who makes my head spin with rage!)

How about we do a reversal to my shop so I can investigate your EPS Conduit.

Rationale lets me know it’d be most valuable on the off chance that we recreated.

It would appear that you could utilize some work on your port inducer.

My multi-phasic trans-dimensional inducer strategy is ensured to finish your cycle of operations.

Somebody probably shot you with a phaser set on “staggering”.

Remove your garments and how about we begin the people to come.

Express gratitude toward God I’m not a red shirt, since you’re drop dead perfect!

Wanna rupture my wrap center?

Wanna see the Captain’s log?

Need to see my Class 3 test? Earth lady, get ready to be tested!

We are the Borg. Bring down your shields and surrender your heart.

What happens on the off chance that I blow on your recieving wire?

When i have you in my sensors extend, my plasma conductors goes ablaze.

Would you like some Vulcan in you?

You can investigate my planet whenever.

You can set your phaser to shocking!

You needn’t bother with a mind merge to comprehend what I am considering.

You make my jeans go to Red Alert.

Your eyes look Spocktacular!

Your mouth says, ‘Shields up!’, yet your eyes say, ‘A body rupture is up and coming.’

Your jeans are the last wilderness

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