Movies & TV Show Pick Up Lines

TV Shows Pick Up Lines

Tv Shows Pick Up Lines

we’ve got aggregate the accomplished advertisement of television shows pick up lines that are fabricated from the abundant accepted television shows. if you accept your man or woman of absorption is agog on the display, use those acute and amorous baddest up traces to advice you abort the ice. Use the adventure box that will advice you abbreviate bottom ward the tv affectation aces up band that you are analytical about.

Tv Shows Pick up Lines That Could Actually Work

i would like to hang around at your peach pit 90210
i am a spring princess, so recollect yourself sprung! 90210
take a look at out my sweet buns 30 Rock
Flute-gambling enhances my finger dexterity 30 Rock
Going out with you would be my largest wreck because the rural juror 30 Rock
I usually wear my speical hat in mattress 30 Rock
i love you almost as an awful lot as i love tv 30 Rock
i’m a real properly sex person 30 Rock
permit’s run away on that boat I stole from some white man 30 Rock
allow’s work on our night time cheese toghether 30 Rock
My nehew turned into in twilight 30 Rock
My intercourse doll could be very popular in Japan 30 Rock
Sitting next to borpoh doesn’t come near snitting next to yerpoh 30 Rock
standing next to you makes me sense better about myself 30 Rock
They name me toofer due to the fact i am both black and tremendous in mattress 30 Rock
To blergh you is to love you 30 Rock
you make me feel like i’m excessive-fiving a million angels 30 Rock
your love makes me experience like my hearts trying to hug my brain 30 Rock
I blue myself when I consider you. Arrested improvement
Is that a stair automobile for your pants or are you satisfied to see me? Arrested development
there’s a banana stand in my pants. Arrested improvement
Wanna make a massive mistake? Arrested development
Hehe. You deliver me like…a boner or something. Yeah. Hehe. A boner. Beavis & Butt-head
female your eyes are bluer than Heisenbergs Crystal Breaking horrific
Angel, when I look at the future, all I see is you! All I want is you. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Are you a slayer due to the fact you certain are my selected one. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Are you a witch because you certain were given me spellbound Buffy the Vampire Slayer
howdy, did you was once a demon? Cuz it is warm. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I heard this vicinity sells coffee. perhaps you and that i ought to get one someday, in case you want. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
i hope your soul is permanent because i’m able to provide you with multiple moment of authentic happiness Buffy the Vampire Slayer
it’s not stalking in case you both happen to be on the equal birthday celebration. (Spike) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Spike: You listen to me. [Kneels in front of her] i have been alive a chunk longer than you, and dead lots longer than that. i’ve seen things you couldn’t imagine, and finished matters I prefer you did not. I do not exactly have a recognition for being a philosopher. I follow my blood, which doesn’t precisely rush inside the direction of my brain. So I make loads of errors, loads of wrong bloody calls. one hundred plus years, and there may be only one element i have ever been positive of: you. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
you’re my Angel. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Darling, you are on hearth. Like doughnut grease. Duck Dynasty
hello lady, let’s go to the deer blind. Duck Dynasty
hey woman, no want to seek, you already trapped my heart. Duck Dynasty
hi there! i am so dope. i am unlawful in 55 states! Duck Dynasty
i’ve by no means met a pizza that I failed to like. Duck Dynasty
No tea in this get dressed store? What are you going to do?.. placed me in dress jail? Duck Dynasty
once I bent right down to pet a small canine and hi there, it turned into a five pound squirrels. Duck Dynasty
One time in college, a woman told me it’s no tyou, it’s me. you are darn right it is you… you heifer! Duck Dynasty
Ouch! My enamel is due to the fact you are so candy. Duck Dynasty
go domestic! move domestic! pass home! With me. family subjects
Are you cold? Wanna borrow my browncoat? Firefly
child, i like you so much that if Joss Whedon had been writing our romance, one people would be useless by now. Firefly
Browncoats do it better. Firefly
Curse your sudden however inevitable betrayal in bed. Firefly
whats up, Wanna take a trip to the special hell? Firefly
i’m a leaf on the wind… in mattress Firefly
I swear with the aid of my quite floral bonnet, i’m able to do you. Firefly
i might do anything to protect my sister. Does that make you warm? Firefly
i would love to song up your engine. Firefly
i’ll be in my bunk. Wanna include? Firefly
i’ll follow you via a revolution and lower back. Firefly
i have were given a “e book” so that you can red. Firefly
inside the morning, i will will let you put on my knitted cap. Firefly
Is that a Callahan complete-bore automobile-lock or are you just satisfied to peer me? Firefly
No energy inside the ‘Verse can forestall me… in mattress. Firefly
They call me the hero of canton, you realize. Firefly
two words: partner schooling. Firefly
Wanna get twixt my nethers? Firefly
might you want to stroke my gun? Her call is vera. Firefly
you’ll revel in my special tea rite. Firefly
you’re shiny. Firefly
you are sweeter than an ice planet. Firefly
[Make siren sound] anyone call a cop! cause it got to be unlawful to appearance that true! sparkling Prince of Bel-Air
Care to bounce? clean Prince of Bel-Air
Carlton clean Prince of Bel-Air
female, I were given to inform you, that fit looks like a piece of ‘true God’ wrapped up in some ‘Have Mercy,’ with a aspect of ‘unghm!’ clean Prince of Bel-Air
hi there infant, you appearance so right, I wish I ought to plant you and grow an entire subject of y’all! fresh Prince of Bel-Air
howdy lady, you look so correct, i’d marry you brother simply to get for your own family clean Prince of Bel-Air
howdy female!! Why do not you rise up and wrap your fingers round a actual man? ok checkitout checkitout checkitout. I were given 4 phrases for you… Hol-i-day. motel. C’mon female you understand you need to! sparkling Prince of Bel-Air
Hurry up and write your wide variety down before I don’t need it no greater sparkling Prince of Bel-Air
I recognize your toes should be tired because you’ve got been strolling thru my mind all day! sparkling Prince of Bel-Air
I noticed you noticing me, so I simply desired to place you on note.. that I be aware you too fresh Prince of Bel-Air
I assume i have visible your photograph someplace earlier than… oh yeah it is right, it was within the dictionary next to KABLAM! sparkling Prince of Bel-Air
i am lyin’ i am dyin’, you understand what i’m sayin? sparkling Prince of Bel-Air
If I advised you you had a lovely body, might you hold it against me? Get it? it’s a double entendre… Savez-vous? clean Prince of Bel-Air
permit play a sport called T.V, I flip your knobs and also you watch my antennae upward thrust. clean Prince of Bel-Air
Plus, I haven’t any early classes so we can sleep in fresh Prince of Bel-Air
anything it’s far which you servin, you higher give me a double sparkling Prince of Bel-Air
You all that and a bag of chips! fresh Prince of Bel-Air
A no sex percent! i’ve one of those with every female in the united states! pals
Am I attractive in Tulsa? buddies
C’mon guy, just take ’em off, just take ’em off and we’ll have some a laugh. pals
can i be any more involved? friends
the way you doing? buddies
i will handle this. “deal with” is my middle call. sincerely, “cope with” is the center of my first call. buddies
i am a paleontologist. I dig. buddies
i’m now not so correct with the advice… can i interest you in a sarcastic remark? pals
in case you need to acquire e-mails approximately my upcoming suggests, then please supply me money so I can purchase a computer. buddies
Janice: Oh… my… God! pals
Joey: Come on, supply me another chance. i’m able to do a southern accent.
[with Jamaican accent]
Joey: Ya, mon. pals
You waited too long and now you are in “The pal area”. pals
That ass. Have Mercy. full residence
don’t go away. anybody leaves. Gossip woman
haven’t you heard? i am the loopy complain round right here. Gossip female
hiya, girl, I’ve got some gossip for you. You attractive. Gossip female
i’m Chuck Bass. Gossip female
i am no longer a forestall alongside the manner. i am a destination. Gossip lady
let’s get out of right here and move all Chuck and Blair within the again of the limo. Gossip woman
Oh there is plenty of fish within the sea, however best one bass. Gossip woman
Wanna get in? i might love to give you a experience. Gossip lady
Who needs consent? i’m Chuck Bass. Gossip girl
Your international won’t be less complicated if I did not come back. Gossip girl
Are you a grey’s Anatomy fan? due to the fact you are without a doubt McDreamy. gray’s Anatomy
Will you be my man or woman? gray’s Anatomy
you’ll better be a cardiologist, due to the fact something approximately you makes me need to present you my heart. gray’s Anatomy
hi there child, wanna twirl with me? happy Endings
I assume you’re completely ah-mah-zing! glad Endings
searching out your happy finishing? allow me show you the manner. happy Endings
whats up Wadester. Hart of Dixie
I nearly died choking on a donut! by myself! Hart of Dixie
i’m a love maker! Hart of Dixie
i am a normal Harry Potter… in the kitchen of path. Hart of Dixie
I just hope my subsequent fake lady friend isn’t always so bossy Hart of Dixie
i like to concentrate to ninety’s R&B earlier than trial. Hart of Dixie
I think we ought to go out on a actual date. Hart of Dixie
i use espresso to awaken. And, now i am up. Hart of Dixie
i was just listening to a crazy termite. Hatching a loopy plan that really will now not work. Hart of Dixie
i am Earl Kinsella and i have lots to provide Hart of Dixie
i am giving you my cold face. Hardcore, right? Hart of Dixie
i’m like a ship without a port! Hart of Dixie
Wade: what is happening here?
Zoe: i am here, Wade, to seduce you.
Wade: you already know, most people do not announce it first.
Zoe: I just wanted to make certain you had been privy to what changed into taking place because this, my buddy, is taking place. Hart of Dixie
Will you be my intercourse Yoda? Hart of Dixie
YOLO! Hart of Dixie
you’ve got heartbreak and i’ve hostility. let’s take the time without work and play hooky Hart of Dixie
you are like the lady of my dreams and the woman I made on my computer multi functional. Hart of Dixie
I think my penis stopped respiratory. Do you realize CPR? residence MD
Haaave you met me? How I Met Your mom
have you ever licked the freedom Bell? How I Met Your mom
Ted Mosby, Architect How I Met Your mother
The tale I inform our destiny children approximately this moment might be legen- look forward to it… How I Met Your mom
this might sound loopy, but I simply had a flash-ahead to us falling in love and getting married. How I Met Your mother
Age of the geek, infant. Leverage
Are you a very good cuddler? i’d assist you to join my group. Leverage
Are you Eliot Spencer? can you help me retrieve my heart? Leverage
baby we must be an excellent match, due to the fact you are in all my plans. Leverage
are you able to empty your pocket? I consider you have stolen my heart. Leverage
I might be having feelings. Like weird, bizarre emotions for pretzels. Leverage
I provide leverage. Leverage
Is your name Alec Hardison? it seems you know how to turn my software program to hardware. Leverage
permit’s dedicate an appropriate crime: i’ll steal you are heart and you may steal mine. Leverage
allow’s move destroy the law simply one more time. Leverage
Meat should never be used as an adjective. Leverage
My call’s Nate Ford…and i’m a thief. Leverage
from time to time awful guys are the handiest correct men you get. Leverage
what is it with girls and footwear? Leverage
something your real name is i will love you. Leverage
you may name me Sophie Devereaux. due to the fact i’m the finest actress.. when i’m stealing your heart. Leverage
you have a inform. Leverage
You have to be a hell of a thief because you stole my coronary heart from across the room. Leverage
Your call should be Eliot. You had me at hiya. Leverage
How approximately you permit me placed my Malcolm to your middle. Malcolm in the middle
Are you unmarried? because i’d love to begin a non-nuclear circle of relatives with you. modern circle of relatives
am i able to cross golfing with you? cutting-edge circle of relatives
hi there lady, I do not have energy and success, however i’m funny. modern-day family
How about we head up to the bedroom for some halftime festivities? cutting-edge own family
I accompanied corridor & Oates across the us of a one summer cutting-edge own family
I want to use my coupons free of charge hugs on you. cutting-edge family
i would like to be the food plan Pepsi to your Sofia Vergara. present day circle of relatives
i’m no longer Colombian, but i can let you know’re caliente. current own family
Why do you need to throw a moist blanket on my goals? modern-day family
You can not tell me your opinion would not remember. You changed me for the better in 100 special methods. Yeah, i would omit a e book or a, a salad here and there, but…i have got Claire throughout me. contemporary own family
i will slime you so desirable you will assume your on Nickelodeon Nickelodeon
you are so super toddler. Are you positive it is the queen that stole my heart? as soon as Upon A Time
Did you see that top notch new documentary about the best sushi inside the world? Orange is the brand new Black
Does everybody ever question me how my day is going? Orange is the brand new Black
i really like warm girls. And i really like hot boys. i love hot people. What am i able to say? i’m shallow. Orange is the new Black
I just like the form of your ears. Orange is the new Black
i like your sweater…it is tender. – Piper Orange is the brand new Black
I can be a unwell lesbian in a jail bunk. however I were given a pair hints up my sleeve. Orange is the new Black
i’m feeling some sapphic vibes coming off you. Orange is the new Black
we are able to sandwich toast to orgasms. – pink Orange is the new Black
You f***ing tickle me. – Nicky Orange is the brand new Black
Your ass haunts me. – Caputo Orange is the brand new Black
[Tom is playing with a stethoscope, using it on Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)] Oh my god. Your boobs are useless! Park and undertaking
Boo-boo undergo. it’s one among several nicknames i’ve made up for you. And you can pick which one you want excellent, ’cause I want this to be a give and take. …we have cookie tush, Winnie the Boo, female presh-presh, Annberry sauce, Annie get your boo, Tommy’s female, Annie bananie… Park and activity
Excuse me! Are there any strippers here? Former strippers? Non-dancers however you are feeling a bit bit inebriated? Park and undertaking
girl, you are greater precious than valuable. Park and pastime
howdy, boo. Are you ageing in opposite? ’cause you look barely prison. Park and recreation
hello, i am Tom, i have a raccoon on my head. Park and undertaking
Joan, let’s make a percent, adequate? If we are both still unmarried in an hour, permit’s get married. Park and undertaking
let’s park and get a few recreation going. Park and undertaking
concentrate to me. This harvest pageant, it is gonna knock your socks off and when it does, i am gonna be there to present you a foot rubdown. To final touch. Park and exercise
No, I don’t text her, ‘It changed into great meeting you.’ I wait 8 weeks and that i textual content her, ‘what’s crackin?’ Park and undertaking
sure i am a hunter, and it is you season. Park and undertaking
A boyfriend? No thanks, i’ve food. individual of interest
Are you a secure network? because I need to get in you. character of interest
toddler, permit me hack your pentagon. character of interest
Do you want some of my warm canine? character of hobby
i like to watch. Do you? character of interest
I may also shoot to kill, however I’d omit you. man or woman of hobby
I need your assist to polish my gun. character of interest
i’m a sucker for surveillance. might you like to enroll in me? person of hobby
i am a very non-public man or woman. Care to be some thing i will in no way inform a soul approximately? man or woman of interest
i’m like a human USB, toddler. i can do all of it. character of hobby
If i am getting your wide variety, can i name you attractive? person of hobby
if you assume i am loopy now, wait until we get inside the sack. character of hobby
let’s exit to Oyster Bay, where nobody will locate us for an extended, long term. person of interest
Of path i’m accurate in bed. How do you watched Finch got his limp? person of hobby
Yeah, that is a gun in my pants. however i am additionally truly glad to peer you. man or woman of interest
I want i used to be a pokemon grasp so I could peek-at-chu (pikachu). Pokemon
I don’t need to be a medical expert to diagnose you with an intense case of attractive. private exercise
i’m no longer a doctor, however i would sure love to provide you a physical exam. non-public exercise
i have got a fever, and the simplest prescription is extra of what you have, infant. non-public practice
am i able to show you my ny? Revenge
i am packed with so much love for you my heart might explode. Revenge
I don’t permit something get within the way of what I need. and that i want you. Revenge
i will assist you avenge your father’s death once you assist me avenge this boner. Revenge
i would love to dock my boat for your harbor. Revenge
i’ll hack my manner into your coronary heart. Revenge
i am now not a gold digger. it’s simply your bank account turns me on. Revenge
allow’s function plya this night. You play me and i’ll play you. Revenge
allow’s take a few revenge out on those sheets. Revenge
Revenge is a dish satisfactory served cold; my love alternatively, is first-class served warm and steamy. Revenge
Revenge might be a dish served cold, but i’ll ensure the sex is piping hot. Revenge
hiya, hiya, whats up, hey! allow’s exit every so often. saved through the Bell
hello, my name is George, i’m unemployed and that i stay with my parents. Seinfeld
i might by no means yada yada sex with you! Seinfeld
No intercourse for you! I suggest..yes, intercourse for you! Seinfeld
You might not understand it to observe me, but i’m able to run absolutely, absolutely speedy. Seinfeld
I see you are into anarchy. i would like to get wild with you. Sons of Anarchy
in case you’re too excellent for 99 percent of men, it’s cool, because i’m a one-percenter. Sons of Anarchy
My engine is overheating just standing close to you. Sons of Anarchy
Are you a phoenix? ‘purpose toddler you’re burning me up. Supernatural
i might wuv to get in your pants. Supernatural
I’d visit hell and again simply to be with you. Supernatural
I’d like to be your mother of All Supernatural
I’d love to leap for your hole. Supernatural
I’m not a wraith, but i can make you pass loopy with one touch. Supernatural
If I’m a demon, you have to be a devil’s entice, due to the fact I’m caught to you. Supernatural
Is Gabriel around? because you’re like a stunning mirage. Supernatural
Is that the Colt to your pocket or are you simply happy to see me? Supernatural
You checkin’ out my guns? Supernatural
You don’t want a spell to summon me. Supernatural
You need to be Pestilence, ‘purpose you’ve inflamed me. Supernatural
You must be the Impala because I’d like to ride you all night. Supernatural
You need to be the yellow-eyed demon, because you’re my obsession. Supernatural
You’re warmer than a ceiling fire. Supernatural
I don’t wanna blink, ‘purpose i’m afraid to miss even a 2nd of your cuteness. That ’70s display
i really like my ladies like i like my wine, purple and complete of alcohol. That ’70s display
I assume you are warm. And whoever doesn’t like it could kiss my ass! That ’70s show
This suit is for leisure. however usually I wear it to get all the way down to commercial enterprise. That ’70s display
I is probably taking place a tangent, however might you want to be the Sine to my Cosine? The big Bang principle
I desire i used to be an ion so I could shape an exothermic bond with you. The big Bang concept
allow’s get collectively and take a look at the huge Bang idea. The massive Bang theory
i’d like to like you until un-death do us part. The on foot lifeless
i’m digging your frame, but what honestly turns me on are your brainssssss! The strolling lifeless
Is that rigor mortis placing in, or are you just glad to peer me? The strolling lifeless
i will love you till Tom catches Jerry and has him four supper Tom and Jerry
Alcohol is for people who can afford to lose some mind cells. And A 1/2 guys
Charlie: whatever. What are you doing for dinner?
Lisa: Charlie, lots has modified.
Charlie: I recognise. i’m older and wiser, and you are warm and at the rebound! And A half men
Do you already know the first function? And A 1/2 men
Ginger, U are fabulous! I’m an A-list actor you mite like to satisfy….Ure fone is useless and out of service… And A half guys
good day. i’m a babe magnet. And A half of guys
right here is a superb news. If I recognise i’m insane, then i am okay with it. i am not dangerous insane. two And A half of guys
hello, my name is Vod – Vod-Kaknockers! two And A half of men
i’m on a drug. it’s known as Charlie Sheen. And A half of men
I just need to get my mom out of my head. I do not want to give up ingesting or playing or none of that suitable stuff. two And A half guys
i’m relationship myself. two And A half of guys
i’m simplest a instructor from eight:15 to 3:00. After that, i’m just someone like anyone else. And A half guys
look, in case you knew me at all and close me down, it would be one aspect, but to be disregarded on a simple “hi there”, properly, it’s a hard tablet to swallow. And A 1/2 men
Love isn’t blind, it’s retarded. And A half men
sex could not kill me. two And A half of guys
always the con man, never the con. White Collar
Emotion is a con man’s candy spot. White Collar
I don’t smoke…but I do flirt… White Collar
I don’t know approximately you, however I’m feeling quite enlightened proper now. White Collar
I suppose I’m falling in love with you. White Collar
I want you to be part of my existence. White Collar
i’m a criminal, we maintain strange hours. White Collar
I’m simply admiring you. It’s brilliant how you’ve handled the entirety. White Collar
it’s miles what it looks like – i was despatched here to kill you. White Collar
It’s stunning right here. White Collar
My freedom is well worth greater than whatever that diamond ought to purchase. White Collar
Neal Caffrey, at your provider. White Collar
think i’m in hassle? White Collar
To once more, to every other area, to any other us. White Collar
you recognize from the moment I met you I knew You have been a person of great taste. White Collar
You’re on a clock. The query is who’s clock are you on? White Collar

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