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Walking Dead Pick Up Lines

walking dead pick up lines

Love The Walking Dead the TV show, comic, or the game? These The Walking Dead themed aces up curve may be aloof what you charge to aces up girls or guys who are additionally admirers of the show. Grab their absorption and absorption by award a accepted arena to alpha the chat with. Please agenda that these aces up curve may not be absolutely accompanying to The Walking Dead but additionally crank capacity in general. Enjoy and achievement you can accept fun with these amorous undead phrases.

The Walking Dead Pick Up Lines

Am I Daryl Dixon? Since I have a bolt and I’d get a kick out of the chance to enter you.

Is it accurate to say that you are a Walker? Since you just left with my heart.

It is safe to say that you are a zombie? [no] Want a few?

It is safe to say that you are into necrophilia?

It is safe to say that you are Michonne’s feline? Since you are just too damn beautiful!

It is safe to say that you are drained? Since you’ve been stalling around my mind throughout the day

Are your feet tired? Since you’ve been shambling and staggering through my mind throughout the day.

In actuality, I *am* Edward James Olmos.

Infant, this is a DICKatorship!

Can my pet zombies watch?

Hymn: Im excited about that harsh filthy look, would you be able to put it on me?

Damn, I’m presently going to need to revamp my Zombie Plan to incorporate you

Did it hurt when you tumbled from Heaven? Then again when you arrived on that sharp stick? You ought to likely take that out, you know.

Did you apply that makeup yourself or are you an additional on The Walking Dead

Do you have a little zombie in you?…Would you get a kick out of the chance to?

Do you know where Carl is? No? Wanna fuck?

Do you get a kick out of the chance to get occupied amidst the forested areas?

Do you require a leg rub since you’ve been running from Roamers throughout the day?

Does anybody need to come into the animal dwellingplace with me?

Fuck me in case I’m wrong, however I think there IS a cure!

Call me later so we can substance out every one of the points of interest.

Glenn: Im suppose to convey you a pizza, Then I understood you lived in my heart.


Hello young lady, I’d love to eat your brains out

Hello, I’d necrophile yo ass

Hello, I’m ravenous. May I welcome you to supper? [!] We can go eat that person/young lady over yonder

Hello, wanna Rigor my Mortis?

Hello. You look kinda charming with those curved legs, detached jaw and eye dangling on your cheek

Howdy, I’m a zombie. Mind in the event that I really begin to tackle you?

What number of walkers will it take for me to murder until you engage in sexual relations with me?

Hustle! Walkers are practically here, say you’ll go out with me!

I nearly got eaten alive. Hold me.

I can make a dazzling squirrel dish.

I Chews You!

I could sit under this tree with you for eternity.

I don’t intend to sound forward. That is to say, I know I barely know you. Be that as it may, I don’t believe we’re going to survive this. What’s more, I’ve never been with a man.

I have needs that barbarianism quite recently can’t fulfill.

I have no clue where Carl is, however I’m 100% certain that I need you.

I just got nibble… with your adoration

I like my sex how I get a kick out of the chance to execute Walkers: snappy

I like my ladies like I like my tequila… cool and solid. Also, obviously, that entire worm thing.

I like the essence of toes.

I like you, your entrails are still in your body.

I lost every one of my youngsters now, need to make some new ones?

I adore a young lady with brains, however not in the zombie way.

I adore you for your braaaaaaaaains!

I adore you for your brain

I made this ear neckband only for you!

I may have one leg however I have another thing to adjust me out on the off chance that you recognize what I’m stating.

I put the Bi in “zombie.”

I believe you’re excellent, bite on that for a tad bit!

I used to be a football player before the Apocalypse. What did you do?

I wanna eat you out

I need to invade all my time with becoming acquainted with you.

I will engage in sexual relations with you. It dislike our choices are unfathomable.


I’d give my correct arm for a date with you. Here you go!

I’d slaughter a horse shelter brimming with walkers for you!

I’d slaughter a thousand walkers for you.

I’d race to a left store and snatch condoms so quick for you.

I’ll bring down my weapon on the off chance that you bring down yours first.

I’ll make you scream…………. I mean sing.

I’m a “walker” okay – A long, sentimental walker.

I’m a biter as well.

I’m a mortition and work with cadavers throughout the day, however you’re the correct sort of dead for me

I’m a ricktator in the sack.

I’m feeling unusual, we should do it on a heap of walkers.

I’m feeling the loss of an eye however I can plainly observe you’re infatuated with me.

I’m on Carl watch, care to go along with me?

I’ve seen you from far off, in my extension…

In the event that I flip a coin, what are my odds of getting head in the watch tower?

In the event that I had a PDA, or any fingers, I would approach you for your number.

On the off chance that I said you had a wonderful body, would you hold it against me and afterward let me eat it?

On the off chance that I shot a bolt through our heart will regardless you trust I’m Cupid?

On the off chance that I transformed into a walker, I’d come after you first!

On the off chance that I was a zombie, I think I might want the essence of you.

On the off chance that I was I walker, I’m almost certain I’d like the essence of you.

On the off chance that I wear an eypatch, will you lay down with me?

In case I’m a walker, IDGAF, regardless we’re snuggling.

On the off chance that my respiratory framework still worked, you’d blow my mind.

Is that larvae in your pocket or would you say you are only cheerful to see me?

It is the apocalypse. How about we have intercourse until we feel invigorated once more.

It may very well be that I’ve been secured up a jail for a considerable length of time, however you’re the most delightful living individual I’ve found in quite a while!

It really is great that I’m a zombie, since you are drop-dead stunning!

It’s my day of reckoning cause (I’m a zombie and) you’re drop-dead stunning

It’s the apoca-lips. So kiss me!

Kiss me while regardless I have my lips.

Man it’s hot in Atlanta, we ought to get bare.

Merle: Just be happy I lost my hand… Since I’d hold your rear end and make you mine sugar tits.

My nibbles will contaminate you with adoration.

My coat has blessed messenger wings on the back. I’ve been sent down from paradise to ensure you.

My correct hand might be gone however my left hand can in any case do all the enchantment.

My better half simply transformed into a zombie. So… .I’m single at this point.

Decent ribs!

Demonstrate that I’m not a zombie? All things considered, your cerebrum is essentially the main piece of you I’m not keen on.

Sweetie, you got everything: brains, body and the way that you’re still alive is a major in addition to!

Seeing you cleaning your sword truly turns me on.

There is gotta be a cure for your hotness.

Two words: ZOMBIE ORGY!

Walkers are coming… as am I

Wanna go execute a few zombies in the ‘burbs and fasten the auto a short time later?

Wanna perceive how I handle a sword?

Wanna attach me to a tree and do stuff to me?

Wanna utilize those arms on this DIECK?

Need me to stimulate you with my trigger finger?

Need to go into town with me and make out in a comfort store?

Need to bounce on my chopper and murder a few walkers together?

Need to see my aquarium of walker heads?

We’re altogether tainted, should make the best of it!

Indeed, approve. It’s meticulousness mortis. However, I’m still upbeat to see you!

Were all Infected…… With your Good Looks..

What am I Governor of? How ‘session yer ass!

What do you say that we go look at what’s in that horse shelter?

What do you think about my Sheriff’s cap?

What is it with the possess an aroma similar to breaking down bodies that make me consider you?

What’s a decent body as you doing in a place this way?

What’s your favored weapon to execute?

When I’m not driving my group, I likewise volunteer at the relinquished old people home.

Where were you when the flare-up happened?

Who’s your zombie?

Why not come here and snap this DIECK?

Why not come here and do stuff and thangs on this DIECK?

With the body parts you do have, would you hold it against me?

Might you want to retreat to my place? Get a scoop!

You know, I simply happen to have a bed in my RV.

You know, I’m great at head shots.

You help me to remember my ex, so I’m going to tear your heart out

You’d make an extraordinary mummy

You’ve stolen my heart. No, genuinely. Can I have it back?

Your magnificence is consuming my heart.

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