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Nerdy Pick Up Lines

nerdy and geeky pick up lines

Want to  pick up a nerd? Yeah, that may prove to be a challenge.Your accepted Brad Pitt acceptable looks or able-bodied biceps on their own will hardly work. We, I beggarly nerds, rarely go for it unless you got the argot too match.Take your brainy vitamins and addition your IQ with these aberrant aces up lines.

Nerdy and Geeky Pick Up Lines

Mind in the event that I run a sniffer to check whether your ports are open?

You had me at “Hi World.”

I’m tailing you on Twitter. I could likewise tail you, all things considered.

You’re the Wacom to my stylus.

nerdy pick up lines

What’s the contrast among st me and a Star Wars laser turret? I never overheat.

Simply being around you sets my neurotransmitters ablaze.

Pardon me, you simply made my floppy a hard drive!

nerdy pick up lines

Child, I’m a sorceress and when I took a gander at you I identified enchantment everywhere.

They’re not funny books, they’re realistic books.

It is safe to say that you are a Mac or PC? (Trap address; must be Linux!)

What say you take the red pill and I demonstrate to you how far your rabbit opening goes?

You have the most sultry multi-touch interface.

nerdy pick up lines

Hello, infant! How about we get down to some parcel sniffing!

Is your DM box full? ‘Cause you’ve been tweeting around my mind throughout the night!

Try not to Control-Alt-Delete my affection!

You are del.icio.us

Didn’t I see you on xkcd?

nerdy pick up lines

My class’ single obligation is cherishing you, child.

What say you and me blend layers?

I’d love to StumbleUpon you.

I know this incredible eatery toward the end of the universe.

Try not to stress angel, my indirect access Trojan won’t do any genuine harm. (Man, that one’s grimy!)

Unfasten, strip, touch, finger, grep, mount, fsck, more, yes, fsck, fsck, fsck, umount, rest.

nerdy pick up lines

I really wanted to see your <insert versatile device> from over the room. What’s your most loved application?

I am The Key master!

Haven’t I Tweeted you some time recently?

They’re not funny books, they’re realistic books.

Do you bring sugar with your char(84)?


Iwish Icould kern UandI together.

Dirty nerdy pick up lines

Yes, I rehearse safe content. I utilize LaTeX to typeset all my math theses.

What’s a symbol as you doing in an interpersonal organization like this?

Twitter account on business card.

Are your jeans made of Mac Books running Photo Booth in light of the fact that I can absolutely observe myself in them …and they’re kinda sparkly!

You must be Windows 95 because you've got me feeling so unstable.

Could I put my USB stick in your 2.0 Slot?

Try not to stress, I’m sans infection.

Will I validate into your API?

Returned to my lab and I’ll demonstrate to you why the Big Bang isn’t only a hypothesis.

nerdy pick up lines

I truly Digg you!

When I consider you I Tweet myself!

Would you like my quality on your property?

Ping . Reaction?

It’s so pleasant to see you outside of Azeroth! Wanna/move?

I heard they booted you from MySpace.

OMG, just added to my Tweet Deck and turned out to be quickly dependent.

I can hardly wait to get to my home so I can demonstrate to you my Quad-Core Overclocked Water cooled Machine named “Dave.”

I have a 18 in Charisma.

I as a rule Han Solo, however I’d given you a chance to turn on my light saber!

You can converse with me in double the distance home, child.

is your IP accessible for some visit?

Might you want to return to my place and put subtitles on my felines?

I have a beta welcome for you.

Instead of doing anything sexual when you return to mine, we don’t we play WoW together. I have 2 PCs.

1f u c4n r34d th1s, y0u’r3 t3h w0m4n f0r m3 or m4n !!!

I would seed everlastingly for you.

We should drop the falsifications of being serial and simply get on with getting parallel.

Skype me later:

You completely had me at 42.

My Lode Runner wants your ‘Bot Arena.

Before I can focus on this relationship, I require you to proclaim your factors.

1f u c4n r34d th1s, y0u’r3 t3h w0m4n f0r m3

I know this extraordinary eatery toward the end of the universe.

I’m going to tap that such a large number of times you’ll believe I’m a frosty controller in a control deck.

I can do your math homework for you.

I’m feeling the loss of a couple HTML labels. Any shot you would you be able to give me some <head>?

Hello, child! What’s your SSID?

You get my DeLorean squeezed up to 1.21 gigawatts, child! (Then again “jiggawatts” in the event that you lean toward the motion picture elocution.)

Is your source downloadable at sourceforge.org?

My activeElement = input.lenght()++

So how ‘session you and me defrag your hard drive?

Talk QWERTY to me.

Could I pc you on the DL?

Child, you’re so hot, you denature my proteins!

Is that a reflect on your CPU since I see myself in your OS!

Wanna go to my place and <strike>have sex</strike> watch a motion picture?

I guarantee to keep my standard yield out of/dev/invalid.

nerdy pick up lines

Like vitality, you’ve abandoned me in an energized state

Number eight – measures up to – squares with – meets – capital “D” – space – open enclosure – capital “V” – close bracket, child.

How about we check whether you and I can get the chance to twist 69, child!

I run for the young lady with a balanced blog and decent tweets.

When I consider you, I Twitter.

Do you utilize Azureus?

It’s not the data transmission, it’s the manner by which you utilize it.

In the event that I said you had a lovely <body>, would you hold it against me?

4 Web Standards Geeks: Wanna return to my place? I guarantee we won’t utilize any tables.

Will you give me a chance to be your bot?

Moves dice. “Goodness, I’m sad, delightful, however you fizzled your sparing toss against my twit.”

Wanna come register with my Continuous Integration server with me?

Could I play with your OS?

I have additional towels

Geologists comprehend what makes the bedrock.

I’d love to test your ports.

Would you like to help me with my case mod?

I’ll generally hold you close and ensure you… much the same as DRM.

You’re my home column.

It’s not how huge your rack is, it’s what number of sharp edge servers you can mount!

You assaulted the Will protection of my heart, and critted.

Welcome, m’lady. How might you want to help me do a bit “infiltration testing?”

Before I can focus on this relationship, I require you to announce your factors.

Mind on the off chance that I run a sniffer to check whether your ports are open?

Sudo go out with me

Hello infant, what’s your reverberate $SHELL?

It’s the ideal opportunity for my hot SQL infusion.

You make me need to align my joystick without the most recent drivers.

You had me at 10010001100101110110011011001101111

I work in a server farm; would I be able to mount your rack?

Do you speak Elvish?

Wanna see my spaceship?

You auto-finish me.

Pleasant Flash.

Do you like PCs?

When I’m with you, I feel like C3PO on that uncommon pulled back exchanging card. You know the one I mean.

Look at my collections.

Keep in mind that scene in Battlestar Galactica?

Static, total, relative… so exhausting! Wanna attempt some new position?

Is it me or is your MP3 Encoder LAME?

Pleasant cell phone. It’d look surprisingly better in the all inclusive charger on my end table.

I’m seeding my deluges your direction.

Didn’t I see you on/s/?

Hang tight, I’m propelling my GTD application… gotta put you on my schedule.

I want to be better at paper-mâché.

I wish I had more funnies to shred and more Neosporin.

I wish you were a genuine young lady.

Ever observed a <head> that is a piece of <body>?

An existence without you resemble C without semicolons.

My affection for you is OVER 9000!!!!

Excuse me, yet observing you makes me need to recreationally oust hereditary material with no purpose of proliferation.

My IntelliSense keeps raising your name.

I truly can value your examination paper on halogen lighting for the work environment and why LED electric lamps are so great.

You should be the one for me since my specifically porous film let you through.

Embed INTO US (SELECT from ME UNION ALL Select from You)

<you><me></me></you> – I’m into you

Nerdy pick up lines for her

Is it just me, or do all Javascript pickup lines wind up in inbreeding?

It’s not the extent of my hard drive, it’s the way I download.

How do ya like THIS gathering of trillions of cells and key microorganisms?

You’re boxing model is greatly improved than IE6’s.

There are 10 sorts of individuals on the planet. The individuals who read double and the individuals who don’t.

I’ll demonstrate to you my slide govern in the event that I can see your pocket defender.

I think my heart just slacked. =))

I’ve had laser eye surgery.

I have T-shirts I didn’t get from work.

Might you want to introduce your product on my hard drive?

On the off chance that I said you had an excellent <body>, would you hold it against me?

You Dugg me. I enjoyed and remarked on you. You jabbed me. We’re similar to love flying creatures tweeting in the mists.

I’m the class that every one of the women adore: male improvement shaman.

I realize what can settle your stomach.

Wanna return to my place and paint miniatures?

Is that a pocket drive or would you say you are only glad to see me?

You had me at “one of our agents will be with you in no time.”

I checked your linguistic structure and found no blunders. Wanna go gather?

I am glad to be of administration as I am to be overhauled.

Anyway, I hear you’re an “administration supplier?”

Meta name=”description” content=”You’ve slammed my server, Baby”

How about we get together and make a mashup.

I have a Mac and an iPhone.

I simply need you to know: whether we hit it off today, despite everything I have a lot of time to scratch off my mail-arrange lady of the hour.

Hello cutie, would you say you are searching for somebody to arrange your drive?

You need to. I paid my cash.

Myspace or yours?

I checked your sentence structure and found no blunders. Wanna go aggregate?

What about supper at Area 51?

I erased a tweet and composed it again in light of the fact that I made a linguistic blunder. That is the way I roll.

Can I profound connection you at some point?

Would it be a good idea for me to DM you in the morning or poke you?

Need to come over a compute PI?

Need to play with my PSP?

Wanna return to my place and witness the initiation of the Large Hadron Collider?

I’d love to be introduced by that rack!

Really wanted to notice that you’ve set your phaser to staggering.

I like my dates like I like my Perl scripts: start with a thing and returning nothing.

Hello child, in the event that you believe I’m 200 OK, we should 100 Continue this discussion however 301 Redirect to my place.

I’d jump at the chance to Access your SQL yet am not certain my Lingo is C.

Would it be simpler to insert you on the off chance that I demonstrate to you my modules?

That is not a remote mouse in my jeans – I’m only cheerful to see you.

Give me a chance to victory your CPU fan

We’d make awesome posterity. We’re the same filetype!

I’m open source.

Hello, infant, I simply checked my [system] inclinations and you’re it.

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