Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines For Girls To Use On Boyfriend

Pick Up Lines For Girls

If you want to learn some good clean pick up lines for girls then you’re in the right place. We are fully aware that 90% of girls pickup lines on the internet are dirty. We guarantee that these lines are clean, funny and perfect for every girl to use on there boyfriend. Times have changed a lot and now it’s socially acceptable for girls to use pick up lines.

Pick Up Lines For Girls Clean and Funny

“So i hear you have a thing for girls with sleeping disorders.”

“Hey, I really like your last name, can I have it please?”

“Girl r u from France? Cause maDAMN.”

“Hey, Can you see these keys? I wish I had the one to your heart.”

“Hey, you so great at football, I’d love to select you for my fantasy team.”

“Did it hurt? When you were texting me and you suddenly fell off the face of the earth?”

“Hey, You really look like the kind of fellow I’d love to make a sandwich for.”

“Hello there, I’m composing a telephone directory, would I be able to have your number?”

“Hey! Is your name homework since I’m not doing you and I ought to be.”

“You are like the sun you’re really hot but dangerous.”

“Are your parents retarded, ’cause you beyond any doubt are special and exceptional.”

If we both have a garden, I’d put my tulips and your tulips together. (tulips = two lips)

“Greetings pardon me i have no bars on my cellphone, so would i be able to use your cellphone to call me ?”

“Is your dad Albert Einstein cause honey I could have swear your molecules are more hotter than mine.”

“Might you be able to please step far from the bar ? Because all the ice is melting.”

“You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… is in love with me.”

“Are you a hamster? Because you have my ham stirring.”

“Baby, do you want to be the father of my baby because you look like a “family guy” to me.”

There should be some good pick up lines for girls to use because sometimes there’s a truly charming guy behind you and you’re not going to let this slide. Let us know what are some cheesy pick up lines that guys would like to hear? It’s not wrong anymore for girls to say pick-up lines to a guy.

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