Religious Pick up Lines

Christian Pick Up Lines

Christian Pick Up Lines

It’s a fact that there’s so many Christian pick up lines but only few will understand them. You don’t need a pastor to learn these corniest pick up lines.

Cheesy Christian Pick Up Lines

Hey girl, sorry excuse me but I couldn’t help but notice we both go to church on Sunday’s.

Is your name modest, because you’re the hottest.

is it hot in here or is it the blessed soul blazing inside you.

I wonder miss, what do you think about the bible?

Why do i even need to read proverbs 31 when it’s standing right in front of me.

You’re my Rachel. I’d work 7×70 years to get your Dad’s approval.”

Let’s be like Noah and do this like a pair.

Want to practice speaking?

Wanna know what the temple veil and i have in common? We’re both ripped.

Hey girl, I heard Jesus called you. Mind if i do the same?

“Pardon me, I think one of your ribs belongs to me.”

Are you from the Sea of Galilee? Cause your the only gal-I-see!

I Put The “Stud” In Bible Study.

Is one of your love languages physical touch?

What’s your name and number, so i can add you to my prayer list.

“Hey girl can I lay hands on you”

Would you like to come over to Jerusalem and sermon my Galilee till I Jordan all over your Red sea.

Hey girl, That ESV study bible looks really heavy. God has given me strength and i would love to carry that for you.

“I went on a mission trip but I was just mission you.

My love language isn’t physical touch but you could change that.

Hey girl, You’re a sinner cause you stole my heart.

“Hello… My name is Will. I believe I am God’s will for your life.”

Hey, wanna go to church and pray with me.

“Girl you look good, want you back that ash up.”

I was reading the book of Number, and I realized I didn’t have yours.

You must be made out of water because Jesus turned you into FINE.

The books of the bible are Genesis, Exodus Leviticus. Deu-You-Wanna go without me?

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