Religious Pick up Lines

Muslim Pick Up Lines Guaranteed To Impress

Muslim Pick Up Lines

These Muslim pick up lines are 100% halal and guaranteed to impress any Islamic guy or girl. Sometimes Muslim guys don’t need pick up lines for there girlfriend. They need to learn them for her parents.

Muslim Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

Are you a good Muslim?

Will i get your number to wake you up for fajr?

Wallah, Allah gave you everything with the exception of my number.

I don’t want to be your brother. I want to be someone special in your life.

Asslam o alikum sister! Could it be the last time I call you sister?

Baby, I bet that there’s “Made in jannah” tag on the back of your neck.

Nice ankles. Very nice!

When I was in the Tora Bora caves, I thought about you all the time.

If I get 72 virgins like you in Jannah, I’d explode myself at this moment.

Much the same as shoes in a masjid, You stole my heart, And now it’s gone for forever.

I want your feet to be my children’s jannah.

Your beauty has blow me away like a suicide jacket.

I’m not staring. I’m enjoying my first and only allowed look.

Hey girl, It’s salah time. Would you like to share my mat?

Girl, Is your name Iffah cause i’ll be the luckiest person on earth iffah had you.

What number of government organizations have kept an eye on you some time recently?

You make me recall why we are requested that lower our gaze.

I will stare until you marry me cause I don’t know how to flirt.

Hey girl, We were engaged in childhood. Your parents must have forgotten to tell you.

Allah created everyone in pairs. So what are you doing single.

You are the reason behind why hijab was commanded.

When i saw you the first thing I said was Ma Shaa’ Allah. In the end i said In Shaa Allah!

Girl, you’ve been at the forefront of my thoughts recently, and it’s outright haram.

Nice burqa. Can i talk you out of it.

Excuse me are u on WhatsApp? I want to send you some images of Madina dates.

Can i have your wali’s phone number?

I see you got that Taqwa going on. What masjid you go to? Bet I know the imam there.

I need you to break my wudu.

Hey girl, are you Muslim? because that body islaminnnnn.

I need to break my fast. Can i have a date?

Ya Habibi, will you want to be halal for me?

I’d love to watch you pray.

Are you a Shiite? Because when I saw you, I said to myself, “She aiight”.

Your feet made me lower my gaze.

Those Muslim pick up lines are so wrong but so funny. Share and enjoy.

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