Sports Pick Up Lines

Gym Pick Up Lines Only Fitness Freaks Can Understand

Gym Pick Up Lines

Get the best gym pick up lines to used on guys and girls at the gym. Use these amazing pick up lines carefully because using these lines at the gym could get you banned from the gym.

Gym Pick Up Lines To Use In The Gym

“Hey baby! I’d run a mile for you.”

“What amount would you be able to lift? Cause my cock Weighs a ton.”

“Hey girl, Are you into fitness? How about fitting my thingy into your thingy?”

“Why go to the gym when you could be getting a work out somewhere else?”

“You look so fit? Are you a trainer?”

“I’m not engaged but my core is.”

“Hey girl, want some of my nut butter.”

“Where you going”? To the gym. “Ooh, can I come watch you sweat”?

“Do you have any tape? Since I’m completely ripped.”

“Hey girl, can you teach me how to squat, because i like your butt.”

“I’ve been thinking about working out more but going to the gym gives me PTSD”

“Hey girl! If i said you had a great body. Would you hold it against me?”

“I can tell you’ve got a great stamina.”

“How about the Jacuzzi after our work out?”

“Pleasant lats! I was halted at the airport a day or two ago to try to sneak these guns onto a plane.”

“Hey, wanna be my gym partner?”

“Do you come here regularly? You absolutely seem as though you do.”

” So you eat a lot of oatmeal & chicken?”

“Damn those thighs. Do you squat often?”

“When did you get your tattoo?”

“Damn girl! I’m gonna call that ass “avocado” cause it’s the good kind of fat.”

“I’d go to the gym with you, just to watch you.”

“Have you considered doing a body building show?”

“Wanna eat cock? There’s a lot of protein init.”

“I’ve read that the missionary position assists men to work out the chest and triceps. Do you wanna help me check this?”

“Are you a bodybuilder? Because I was hoping you’d pick me up.”

“Hey gorgeous, You’re much the same as a leg day at the gym cause you make my knees weak.”

“Do you need a spotter because I could spot that booty from a mile away.”

“Is that a barbell in your trouser or are you just happy to see me?”

“Gym is not the only place I can make you bend.”

hey beautiful, you’re just like a leg day at the gym because you make my knees weak.

“I got ceased by a cop on the way here. He let me know it was unlawful to carry these guns out in the open.”

“Can I be the box in your box squat.”

“Hey girl, Would you like a long romantic walk on the treadmill?”

“Oh you’re doing biceps today? Me too.”

“I’m not a hipster but I can make your hips stir.”

“I wager you can leg press like 400 lbs with your attractive solid muscular legs.”

“Hey I noticed you’re also wearing blue trousers.”

“Wanna go get a Gatorade together?”

“Yo there, can you help me with my squat form?”

“Ohh!! What’s long and hard and right behind you?”

“Hey would I be able to spot you? Since I certainly spotted you from over the room.”

“Have I told you lately that I smell you?”

“Hey girl, wanna grab a protein shake?”

“Hey baby, all you have to do is show that body off.”

“Oh wow whoops sorry excuse me i thought this was a tandem treadmill”?

Do tell us what are the best gym pick up lines you’ve heard or used in the gym? Do guy’s pick up lines actually work on girls at the gym?

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