Sports Pick Up Lines

Hockey Pick Up Lines

Hockey Pick Up Lines

We have selected some great hockey pick up lines for you all. If you want to impress someone who’s a hockey fan or if you’re hockey player who desperately wants to get laid then try those lines.

Hockey Pick Up Lines To Get Girls

We should go back to my home and watch hockey.

Hey send your puck my way, if you know what I mean.

Hey baby, Wanna hold my shaft?

Would you be able to please show me how to use the stick.

Hey baby, I play center not wing.

Hey baby, You should come to one of my hockey games and watch me play.

Is that a puck in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Well if I can’t score, would I be able least get an assist?

Oh baby, put it in my defensive zone.

Did you just score a goal? Cause you just lit me up.

I bet my stick would feel great at your crease.

I play hockey. I can make you laugh. I got some cute pick up lines. What more do you want in a guy?

I wanna squeeze it In your five hole.

How about we get rid of that gloves and go at it.

Hey girl, Come with me. I’ll show you my stick.

Hey girl, Less teeth just means more tongue.

Hey there, You now hockey players got big sticks.

Hey girl, the only thing I would hold all the more other than my hockey stick is you.

I’d love to serve a 5 minute penalty in your box.

Hey, why don’t you slide on over here. You can score all night long.

I wanna give you a hockey and puck you ice and slow.

I don’t play hockey, however I would body check you any day.

Hey girl, I don’t need pick up lines. I play hockey.

You may not be the best at hockey but I can guarantee u can score some on me.

Hey baby, I play hockey.

When i see you my stick gets harder than a shea weber.

I’m going to put my hockey stick in your hockey bag.

I’m Stanley, would you like to see my cup?

I wanna wear you like a hockey mask.

I sing and play hockey, now let’s plankey .

“Do you like to fhock?”
“Do you want to fhock?”
“Let’s fhock!”

We get paid to play hockey.

What do hockey players use to get girls? Puck up lines. Get it? Like pick up lines. But puck. Because it’s hockey. Hockey pick up lines are key to getting a girl.

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